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WHO is WiRL for?

WiRL is for women—and the businesses they work for—who want to fast-track their personal and professional success, but aren’t crazy about the idea of hopping on a plane to attend a multi-day, “destination” conference, only to return to an overwhelming inbox and long to-do list.

It’s for leaders, or leaders-in-the-making, who crave the connection and support of a community of like-minded women.

You are an Aspiring, Emerging or Established leader who wants to...

Learn what it takes to stand out as an exceptional leader
Ignite your passion & inspiration and use it to set your career ablaze
Communicate with confidence and credibility
Arm yourself with new skills to up your game at work
Reduce stress and ramp up your job and life satisfaction
Build your strategic mindset, actions and behaviors

Why the WiRL Approach WORKS

WiRL is transforming the face of professional development by redefining it in 21st century terms—and in ways that resonate with women. Our Blended Approach provides what women crave most: Continuous learning in a convenient and easy format combined with the support of a community of like-minded women & groups that are facilitated by a professional coach.

At WiRL, we want you to have the capabilities, support and guidance needed to stand out as an exceptional, credible, high-performing leader. This doesn’t happen overnight—it takes time, focus and practice.

That’s why we carefully curate a series of Online Learning Modules (all 30-60 minutes in length) so you have the opportunity to learn continually, in small, easy-to-digest doses, and in your own time.

Online Learning
Peer To Peer
Group Meetups

Learning Communities Matter

Women like to connect with each other in meaningful ways. Our coaching groups enable you to build a strategic network of supporters who will encourage you to keep upping your game at work. Who doesn’t crave a trusted inner circle of friends, colleagues, champions and mentors to help catapult them to the next level?

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HOW it Works

wirlWiRL Modules focus on what aspiring women care most about and are delivered by an expert on the topic— 35+ world renowned speakers, best selling authors, and successful leaders who work with professional women just like you. Each session combines research, real life examples, relevant stories and practical tools so the learning sinks in at every level. Sessions are 70/30 content/Q&A mix, so you get to share and hear perspectives from women across multiple industries.

Core WiRL themes:
  • Confidence and Career: Identifying strengths and talents, mentorship, sponsorship, strategic thinking, standing out in your career.
  • Leadership: Leadership brand, managing change, leading people from potential to talent, authenticity
  • Communication: Presentations, feedback, conflict, emotional intelligence, communicating with influence & credibility
  • Working Effectively Across Differences: gender and generations
  • Balance: working smarter, how to focus on the most important things, values alignment, time management with tips from the busiest and most successful professional women!

In addition to the Online Learning Modules, we recommend that you choose one of the following WiRL Business Services as a way to amp up accountability, follow through and support:

1:1 Coaching: Get paired with a professional coach whose job is to gain a thorough understanding of your core goals and objectives, help curate the “must-see” modules based on your goals, and help you transform the insights into concrete actions that will ramp up your level of success.

Group Coaching: This is a great option if you want to benefit from professional coaching and broaden your strategic network. Groups are matched according to career level and mirror the focus areas of WiRL online modules (Confidence, Leadership, Communication, Balance, Working Effectively Across Genders and Generations).

WiRL for Men: WiRL has a track for men, too! It consists of six gender-specific WiRL sessions aimed at building awareness of and closing the gender gap at work. We’re bringing together gender intelligence experts from around the globe to answer three core questions:

  1. What’s the science behind the gender gap? (Goal: increase understanding/decrease judgment)
  2. How can I be an advocate for the women in my life—peers, employees, sisters, wives, daughters? (Goal: make a difference, now)
  3. Why is it good business to have more women in leadership positions? (Goal: understand impact to the bottom line)

Men who participate in WiRL are guaranteed to experience dramatic change in how they work with women—and differentiate themselves as extraordinary and evolved 21st century leaders.

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When and Where:

Learning Modules all happen virtually — on any device — making it easy, accessible and digestible. Don’t worry if you miss one of the sessions taking place from April through November 2105, you have access to all of the recordings for three months after the live online events. See the business services page for more information.

Discussion Circles & Coaching groups happen virtually, 2 hours/month, unless you have a group that prefers to meet live. Just connect with us to discuss live coaching groups or live networking events onsite.

WHO are we?

pixWiRL was founded by Mitch Shepard, an Executive Coach who has 20 years of experience helping executives and managers lead effectively while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

As a business owner, professional, mother, and wife, she knows first hand the difficulty of fitting in professional development—and the importance of making it happen if you want a career and a life that soars! Mitch saw a need, so she set out to create a high-impact option that would help professional women learn, grow and be exceptional— without adding even more strain on their busy workday and/or precious personal time.

WiRL is a global team of passionate and dedicated world renowned speakers, professional coaches and trainers. We work together to deliver high-quality webinars and peer groups to fulfill each client’s development needs.

 Who are our coaches?

  • They’re trained and certified, with a minimum of 10 year’s experience in corporate coaching and group discussion facilitation.
  • They work with professional women every day, so they’re intimately familiar with the challenges and issues, both yours and theirs.
  • They’re a global team of passionate, practiced, professional experts who have a track record of proven results.

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